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The Problem: you’ve got a commercial property that’s just sitting there and you’re having trouble finding anyone to help you lease or sell it. You’re losing money every month it sits vacant and it’s hard to find listing agents to take on a listing like yours. Not all markets are well served by brokers. They may not be up to the challenges your listing presents and they certainly aren’t as invested in the outcome. Brokerfied has completely changed that game.

The Solution: Brokerfied puts the power of selling/leasing your property in your hands. We’ve created a set of tools to give you control over your commercial real estate. They’ve been designed to let you find and directly engage with prospects, without a listing agent and with zero hassle. We give your property a personalized website, flyer, and window signage, all connected via QR code. Prospective tenants/buyers can instantly access your property information. Then, you get a dedicated email/phone number coordinated through Brokerfied that allows you to track and communicate with only the leads that interest you.

Brokerfied couldn’t be easier to use. Your personalized website is up and your flyer is ready in minutes. Your sign with QR code (if purchased or included in your package) should be delivered within a week. The dashboard makes it simple to monitor who’s checked out your property, then contact the best leads. We’ll help you make the most of your listing, ensuring you never miss out on any great prospects. So, get more leads, avoid commissions, and take control of your commercial property!

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