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Frequently asked questions

01 FAQ Why do I need Brokerfied? What’s wrong with the way CRE has been done?

● It’s not easy finding a great commercial broker who works hard in your best interest.
● Not many brokers are willing to take one – off, small, or complicated listings.
● Most agents and brokers specialize in residential properties and are unfamiliar with selling or leasing commercial property.
● If you do find a broker, commissions are high for small deals.
● CRE vacancy is high due to the lack of access to listing agents, poor marketing, and siloed listing information.
● Landlords struggle with less income due to high vacancy.
● Businesses can’t expand and tenants have trouble finding new space. the space they do find is expensive.

02 FAQ What is Brokerfied?

Brokerfied is a comprehensive, online do-it-yourself tool kit for CRE marketing and communication.. With Brokerfied, you can list your commercial property yourself. We provide commercial property owners with powerful tools necessary to list, promote, communicate and advertise to interested prospects anytime, day or night.

03 FAQ Is Brokerfied a real estate brokerage?

No. Brokerfied is a set of industry-leading tools developed by real estate professionals to meet the needs of Landlords. It simplifies and streamlines the process of selling and leasing commercial real estate.

04 FAQ Why use Brokerfied and not a real estate agent?

With the tools available from Brokerfied, owners can successfully list their property and stay in control, without paying the high commission and fees of a big-name broker. We are the only company to provide an option to do it on your own. Brokerfied will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to lease or sell your property – yourself.

05 FAQ What is the Dashboard and how does it work?

Your Dashboard is your automated information hub that tracks the number of views your property gets from;
● scans of your property QR code
● number of phone calls received to your unique toll-free number along with all your texts and voicemails
● emails and the history of conversations between you and prospective tenants or buyers.

06 FAQ Should I offer commission?

It is up to you whether or not you offer commission. However, we recommend that you do. It is easy enough to raise your asking price a little bit and offer commission to a buyer or tenant’s rep to ensure your listing is shown to all prospects. If there’s no broker involved you have a little room to negotiate the final price.

07 FAQ What’s wrong with using an Agent or Broker?

There is nothing wrong with using a listing agent for your property if you find a good one! Most of our customers have worked with agents in the past and will in the future. You can even do both – put your property on Brokerfied and then give the listing to your agent or allow your agent to follow up on leads you’ve screened to get your property leased/sold quickly.

08 FAQ How do I communicate with Leads using Brokerfied?

From your Listing Inbox you can easily email call or text leads back and track the history of conversations between you and prospective tenants or buyers. Leads can also call you directly through your toll-free phone number that rings through our Brokerfied app.

09 FAQ I saw a Brokerfied sign on a property. How can I find information on that property listing?

On the Brokerfied sign, scan the QR code with your phone. You’ll be directed to a website that lists more information such as; price, size, property details, deal terms, property map, and property photos.
If you can’t scan the QR code you can visit the website shown on the sign.
From there, you can select from a number of options:
● Review the Property Information
● Communicate any questions regarding the property via phone, text, or email.
Brokerfied offers on-premise visibility and property details all in one place. We deliver both with our custom signage, complete with a property dedicated QR code that links to all the listing details.

10 FAQ How do I order additional or different size/material signs?

Brokerfied customers can We’ll send you a quote for the additional cost. Brokerfied provides a PDF of the sign on the Marketing Page so you can order additional signs from your own sign vendor.
1. What size and material is the sign included in my subscription?
18 x 24 corrugated polycarbonate
4. How long will it take to receive my sign(s)?
Sign should be delivered within 10 business days
5. Will I see a sample of my sign before it’s mailed?
Your sign design is visible by clicking on “Download Sign” on the Marketing Page.
If there are any errors or corrections please email customer service as soon as possible at

11 FAQ I have a suggestion on how to improve Brokerfied, do you want to hear it?

We are always open to feedback.


12 FAQ How do I contact Brokerfied?

It is best to email us at

13 FAQ I need the services of a good CRE Broker. Can you recommend someone?

Maybe. Good commercial real estate brokers aren’t easy to find! Send us the details of what you’re looking for at and we will be in touch.

14 FAQ Interested in a partnership?

Let’s set up a time to chat! Email us at with your proposal and we’ll get back to you shortly.

15 FAQ I am a Commercial Broker- Can I get Brokerfied tools branded with my company logo and set up for use by my office?

Yes! Contact us about setting up “white label” services for your office.

16 FAQ I am a Real Estate Agent and I would like to refer CRE owners that I can’t help to Brokerfied. Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. Contact us at and we’ll get you set up in our affiliate program

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